28Sep2016 Product Design 

My final design is this sea urchin chair.

This chair has many very peculiar spines. In my concept, black and white can be any colors. So the black spines can be in all the colors. The seat’s shape like a ball which has been cut out another smaller ball.

At first, I thought about wood to be the material. But wood cannot make the spines look a little chaos. And I also would like to give expression to the hard of spines. So I decided to use metal to make this chair.

My first model chair was made of hard paper. My second model’s seat  was this.  It is a hard metal to change shapes.  So Steve and my classmate helped me. You can see that it’s heavy .

Then  I cut some metal-silks and inset them below the metal-plate.

After lunch, I found the seat was too small so that the truth chair must very big. So I made the seat a little bigger because there had some legs may fall down.

Then I borrowed some thinner metal-silks to make spines


Finally, I finished it. These are the photos with some double sides tape.

By the way,I think the shadow is perfect.


26Sep2016 Product Design

Today, we did models about our designs.

At first, I told Steve my thought. But he thought its too hard for a girl to make a metal chair. So I tried to change an idea to make a chair made by paperboard. I made some holes on the board and strack in some papersuckers .

The design inspiration came from ======(I’m sorry I forgot the toy’s name.I will chack it later)

I used a screw-driver to make holes and then I used a drill . About 2 hours later, I found this idea was really different from my viewpoint. So I throwed it into bin.

Then I persuaded Steve to agree me using metal to make my chair model . After that I practised to use a hammer and some machines.

Finally, I thought of an idea when I was waiting for the dinner. I run back to the studio quickly and the first model came out .It  was this.

23Sep2016 Product Design

Last class we know the machines for making productions. Today Steve drew these machines for us. Although these looks so cute.

  1. Bandsaw (cut woods  and plastics )
  2. Disc sander (the same as the first)
  3. Bobbin sander (make woods’ and plastics’ margins softer )
  4. Extractors (blow away bits of woods)
  5. Pillar drills (make holes)
  6. Cordless drills (push screws in)
  7. Hot wire cutter (cut sponge)
  8. Spot Welder (connect metals together)
  9. Metal Guillotine (cut metals)
  10. Hand tools 
  11. Goggles 
  12. Earphones

And there are some rules in the studio.

  1. Correct use of scalpels
  2. No liquids near computers
  3. Clear trip hazards such as bags,art box,coats and leads.
  4. Workshop safety rules
  5. Long hair tied back
  6. Lanyards removed or put away
  7. No headphones
  8. Thick gloves when handling hot objects
  9. Silicon gloves when handling chemicals
  10. Extractors switched on when using bandsaws and sanders
  11. Switching off equipment after use
  12. Putting tools away after use

Today we did the second Osborn List Technique. My favorite design are the two of the anthrope morphise designs. One likes a mom hugs her baby and the other one is a dancer.

By the way, I finished that 5chairs . I am going to make a small modal of the one of them. That’s really hard. I couldn’t imagine it!!!

Wish me luck 😞😞😞God please help me

My Reflections:

My favourite design is the spiky one. I always think the nature is stronger than human. Whether the design or the power. Honestly,  my principle is very instability. But this  thought will never be changed. Nature used millions of years to inoculate these lives. How can we challenge them by us two hands? So I love the design from the nature.

But it still in design . Unfortunately, That’s all I can tell you. I will continue thinking about it .Thanks for reading.




21 Sep 2016 Product Design 

At Monday,we did Osborn List Techniques for 8 drawings.So this day we chose 5 of them to do more details.Here are some drafts with more details.

The first one is based on a sea urchin.The subject is spiky. 

When I saw  the word “spiky “, I reminded of my mother. She has a soft heart but strong appearance. She also loves sea food. So I drew this. But I would like my mother could try to depend on me so I can get closer to her. So the spines of the urchin look a little bit soft .

The second one is based on a Poke Ball. The subject is holes. 

These days I played the game called POKEMON GO. Sometimes pokemons got out of the balls. So I thought:maybe there have some holes on the balls.Or why they can came out? If people sit in the poke ball,can they fell safety? You know you can close the ball because there are so many holes to breathe.

The third one is based on a game,too. The game called MONUMENT VALLEY . And the subject is stretched.

If you have played that game,you will want to move this chair. But unfortunately, it could not move. The pity    is a good feeling to remember a new thing, isn’t it ?

And this chair is the most simple one.If I tell you my inspiration source ,maybe you will laugh at me.

Do you see the white hard-paper model ?It looks like a big “C “. That my inspiration source .By the way, the subject of this one is wonky. 

People can lie on it and shake. Just like the wooden house which we played when we were young.

Finally,the last one is based on a piece of chocolate. The subject is melt .

When I heard the word of “melt “.The only word I can remind is summer . My mom and I both love chocolate so I always carry on some chocolates in my bag. Some of these could melt but also taste nice.

It’s a public chair. So it can be sitted on about 8 persons.It must be soft because thawy chocolate must be soft.

These are just drafts and I will add more details on these chairs after all . 🤓

19Sep2016 Product design 

Honestly, I felt closer to my design dream.I think the most important thing is not what I do but what I want .This Mind Map helped me to clean up my thought.

I found I like the production prototype for the natural life.Such as animals and plants.

I also like the production is helpful for human being.For example, Every girl has a chair with many clothes on it.If we design a chair with a handrail which can hold clothes and makes  the chair more comfortable,it will popular in the world.

Then we made a Mood Board.That was a hard and interesting work for me.

That is the first one I did .What a shame. I couldn’t evaluate it anymore.

I realized that something I have to do it two times or three times,because the first time I always did it in a “wrong “way.

That was my second Mood Board.

I think it was much better.Although I still didn’t feel perfect for this one.

When I am free, I will do more mood board to practice.😝

12Sep2016 Products Design

Well,the first day of products design is chair project.we drew the scale of the chairs in the classroom!

It’s alittle hard but I can feel i was doing better!

After lunch,we started to make the model of the chairs with card  paper .The first one,I think it’s realy simple and normal.Then I put a bamax toy on it.

After that, I made another one–a strange chair.I saw the tape on the table. Then I made this wired chair


However, I will practice myself.

My reflections:

My teacher Steve is a man who doesn’t like talking too much .He always gives us some requires and advices .Then he gives us a lot of times to think and create new things.Although I couldn’t understand him sometimes. 

The first chair is basis of school’s chairs.I extended the front legs and put the back legs together.That makes it more stable .Although its a little normal.

The second chair is based on a tape on the table.That made me think that if a pile of paper can hold up a person’s  weight,so can a soft tape.And it should more comfortable.Although it worked but it didn’t turn out the way I expected.It looks a little weird–It looks like a toilet.Maybe put many tapes together will looks better.
Good luck for myself!!!!!!

20Sep2016 Contextual Studies DADA Art

  • (1916-1924)

DADA is an art movement formed during the First World WAR in Zurich in negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war.Actually,the DADA means NOTHING.The art,poetry and performance produced by artists is often satirical and nonsensical in nature.

We know the famous artist Marcel Duchamp and his famous Readymade and Assemblage.

Fountain 1917, replica 1964 by Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968
Fountain 1917, replica 1964 Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968 Purchased with assistance from the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1999 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T07573

Duchamp gave up painting in 1912,due to him valuing ideas over aesthetics.His readymades,a series of ordinary objects of everyday use that were designated as works of art,challenged the notion of what defines art.

Then we used some newspapers to make a simple DADA poems.

We cut some newspaper’s words and letters.Then we pasted them together in random chaos. Honestly,I didn’t satisfact about this I’d like to do it again. If give  me one more chance I will do it better.🙈


I think DADA is really contradictory .It revolts the traditional art, but it becomes a part of the art. Honestly,  DADA Art is beautiful ,interesting and amusing.

Although sometimes I cannot understand the purpose of these productions. That is the charm of DADA ART, isn’t it ?


Jean Arp (16 September 1886 – 7 June 1966)

He was a German-French sculptor, painter, poet, and abstract artist in other media such as torn and pasted paper.When Arp spoke in German he referred to himself as “Hans”, and when he spoke in French he referred to himself as “Jean”.

Arp was a founding member of the Dada movement in Zürich in 1916. In 1920, as Hans Arp, along with Max Ernst and the social activist Alfred Grünwald, he set up the Cologne Dada group. However, in 1925, his work also appeared in the first exhibition of the surrealist group at the Galérie Pierre in Paris.


These two models are Shirt Front and Fork(painted wood, 1922, National Gallery of Art) and Cloud Shepherd(1953, Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas)


Max Ernst (2 April 1891 – 1 April 1976)

He was a German painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet. A prolific artist, Ernst was a primary pioneer of the Dada movement and Surrealism.

In 1919, Ernst visited Paul Klee in Munich and studied paintings by Giorgio de Chirico, which deeply impressed him. The same year, inspired partly by de Chirico and partly by studying mail-order catalogues, teaching-aide manuals, and similar sources, he produced his first collages (notably Fiat modes, a portfolio of lithographs), a technique which would come to dominate his artistic pursuits in the years to come. Also in 1919 , social activist Johannes Theodor Baargeld, and several colleagues founded the Cologne Dada group. In 1919–20 Ernst and Baargeld published various short-lived magazines such as Der Strom and die schammade, and organized Dada exhibitions.Ubu_Imperator.jpg


Ubu Imperator (1923, Musee National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France)