I’m Cynthia .🤓

I am 20.I was born in China.

I came to Cambridge at 2Sep 2016.✈️

Yi Hu picked me up at the Heathrow Airport and helped me to get here.

We know each other when we were 8 years old .Then we grew up together.
That’s the best friend who grows up with me!🌚

Then I made friends with my neighbor. Her family called her Momo .Her aunt lives in Britain and helped me to buy lots of things.What a nice family!🌞

By the way,the corns are so difficult to recognize!!

Yi Hu  told me that British guys do not good at counting so I should check the change. At that moment ,I really did not understand… But now I understood. Sometimes cashiers gave me a lot of corns but i just throw them into my wallet–yes, I gave up! The variety of British corns is indigestible. He used a Chinese word to describe me : Too Young Too Simple, sometime naive.

Well,I am going to ask a bank card next week.Wish me luck!!🌞🌞🌞


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