12Sep2016 Products Design

Well,the first day of products design is chair project.we drew the scale of the chairs in the classroom!

It’s alittle hard but I can feel i was doing better!

After lunch,we started to make the model of the chairs with card  paper .The first one,I think it’s realy simple and normal.Then I put a bamax toy on it.

After that, I made another one–a strange chair.I saw the tape on the table. Then I made this wired chair


However, I will practice myself.

My reflections:

My teacher Steve is a man who doesn’t like talking too much .He always gives us some requires and advices .Then he gives us a lot of times to think and create new things.Although I couldn’t understand him sometimes. 

The first chair is basis of school’s chairs.I extended the front legs and put the back legs together.That makes it more stable .Although its a little normal.

The second chair is based on a tape on the table.That made me think that if a pile of paper can hold up a person’s  weight,so can a soft tape.And it should more comfortable.Although it worked but it didn’t turn out the way I expected.It looks a little weird–It looks like a toilet.Maybe put many tapes together will looks better.
Good luck for myself!!!!!!


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