19Sep2016 Product design 

Honestly, I felt closer to my design dream.I think the most important thing is not what I do but what I want .This Mind Map helped me to clean up my thought.

I found I like the production prototype for the natural life.Such as animals and plants.

I also like the production is helpful for human being.For example, Every girl has a chair with many clothes on it.If we design a chair with a handrail which can hold clothes and makes  the chair more comfortable,it will popular in the world.

Then we made a Mood Board.That was a hard and interesting work for me.

That is the first one I did .What a shame. I couldn’t evaluate it anymore.

I realized that something I have to do it two times or three times,because the first time I always did it in a “wrong “way.

That was my second Mood Board.

I think it was much better.Although I still didn’t feel perfect for this one.

When I am free, I will do more mood board to practice.😝


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