21 Sep 2016 Product Design 

At Monday,we did Osborn List Techniques for 8 drawings.So this day we chose 5 of them to do more details.Here are some drafts with more details.

The first one is based on a sea urchin.The subject is spiky. 

When I saw  the word “spiky “, I reminded of my mother. She has a soft heart but strong appearance. She also loves sea food. So I drew this. But I would like my mother could try to depend on me so I can get closer to her. So the spines of the urchin look a little bit soft .

The second one is based on a Poke Ball. The subject is holes. 

These days I played the game called POKEMON GO. Sometimes pokemons got out of the balls. So I thought:maybe there have some holes on the balls.Or why they can came out? If people sit in the poke ball,can they fell safety? You know you can close the ball because there are so many holes to breathe.

The third one is based on a game,too. The game called MONUMENT VALLEY . And the subject is stretched.

If you have played that game,you will want to move this chair. But unfortunately, it could not move. The pity    is a good feeling to remember a new thing, isn’t it ?

And this chair is the most simple one.If I tell you my inspiration source ,maybe you will laugh at me.

Do you see the white hard-paper model ?It looks like a big “C “. That my inspiration source .By the way, the subject of this one is wonky. 

People can lie on it and shake. Just like the wooden house which we played when we were young.

Finally,the last one is based on a piece of chocolate. The subject is melt .

When I heard the word of “melt “.The only word I can remind is summer . My mom and I both love chocolate so I always carry on some chocolates in my bag. Some of these could melt but also taste nice.

It’s a public chair. So it can be sitted on about 8 persons.It must be soft because thawy chocolate must be soft.

These are just drafts and I will add more details on these chairs after all . 🤓


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