23Sep2016 Product Design

Last class we know the machines for making productions. Today Steve drew these machines for us. Although these looks so cute.

  1. Bandsaw (cut woods  and plastics )
  2. Disc sander (the same as the first)
  3. Bobbin sander (make woods’ and plastics’ margins softer )
  4. Extractors (blow away bits of woods)
  5. Pillar drills (make holes)
  6. Cordless drills (push screws in)
  7. Hot wire cutter (cut sponge)
  8. Spot Welder (connect metals together)
  9. Metal Guillotine (cut metals)
  10. Hand tools 
  11. Goggles 
  12. Earphones

And there are some rules in the studio.

  1. Correct use of scalpels
  2. No liquids near computers
  3. Clear trip hazards such as bags,art box,coats and leads.
  4. Workshop safety rules
  5. Long hair tied back
  6. Lanyards removed or put away
  7. No headphones
  8. Thick gloves when handling hot objects
  9. Silicon gloves when handling chemicals
  10. Extractors switched on when using bandsaws and sanders
  11. Switching off equipment after use
  12. Putting tools away after use

Today we did the second Osborn List Technique. My favorite design are the two of the anthrope morphise designs. One likes a mom hugs her baby and the other one is a dancer.

By the way, I finished that 5chairs . I am going to make a small modal of the one of them. That’s really hard. I couldn’t imagine it!!!

Wish me luck 😞😞😞God please help me

My Reflections:

My favourite design is the spiky one. I always think the nature is stronger than human. Whether the design or the power. Honestly,  my principle is very instability. But this  thought will never be changed. Nature used millions of years to inoculate these lives. How can we challenge them by us two hands? So I love the design from the nature.

But it still in design . Unfortunately, That’s all I can tell you. I will continue thinking about it .Thanks for reading.





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