28Sep2016 Product Design 

My final design is this sea urchin chair.

This chair has many very peculiar spines. In my concept, black and white can be any colors. So the black spines can be in all the colors. The seat’s shape like a ball which has been cut out another smaller ball.

At first, I thought about wood to be the material. But wood cannot make the spines look a little chaos. And I also would like to give expression to the hard of spines. So I decided to use metal to make this chair.

My first model chair was made of hard paper. My second model’s seat  was this.  It is a hard metal to change shapes.  So Steve and my classmate helped me. You can see that it’s heavy .

Then  I cut some metal-silks and inset them below the metal-plate.

After lunch, I found the seat was too small so that the truth chair must very big. So I made the seat a little bigger because there had some legs may fall down.

Then I borrowed some thinner metal-silks to make spines


Finally, I finished it. These are the photos with some double sides tape.

By the way,I think the shadow is perfect.


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