3Oct2016  Interior Design

Today is a new beginning for the second subject –interior design. Our teacher is a lively woman named Nancy.

We learnt about the elements of interior design and the design styles. Honestly, it was too busy that Nancy spoke these things in one day . But I beard these knowledge in mind very quickly.

First of all, there are seven elements in the interior design. They are form,space,light,colour,objects,texture and furniture.

In my opinion, personal mind is the most important and colour is magical ,because colours can change people ‘s minds easily.For example,green makes people feeling peaceful and blue makes people feeling melancholy.Red colour can stimulate brain but white colour can make people feeling emply. So people can’t stay in a solid coloured room or they will get mad.

And sometimes colours can literally transform the room.For example, vampires always stay in the dark room but little girls always live in a pink room. They are different.

I also understood the design styles: contemporary,classicism,gothic,baroque,modernism and transitional style.

My favourite style is modernism style. The first reason is that modernism style is easy to clean the house. And there are not too much texture in that style. I believe that less is more. Actually,gothic design and baroque design are more beautiful than modernism style. But you will get boring after a long time to see these textures and furniture.

I also researched some famous designers and some development space plannings.

My favorite modernism designer is Ludwing Mies Van Der Rohe. The rooms which he designed are really pretty and cool.The sunlight and the space of the rooms are perfect.

Nancy is a severe teacher which feels like a chinese teacher. But she also very lovely. And the things that we learnt are interesting. I love touching new things and practice them again and again.  I started to love interior design.🤓


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