6Oct2016 Interior Design 

We have chosen a famous person to design a personal house.

I chose Naomi Campbell who is a famous top model.

She’s the queen on the fashion runway. Every young model have to learn her stage walk . On the runway,she is the standard!She is the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue!She still beautiful although she is 46 years old . The time never hearted her anything. Her black skin always shining as a black pearl.

I love her so much because I love her character. She is so strong looks like she can against with the whole model styles.

So I designed brief for her. I chose moder Classic style to design her room. First of all,her bedroom must be magnificent and there may have a small bedroom for her bodyguards. Secondly, a kitchen and a dining room are necessary,too. Near by her bedroom, there must have a bathroom and a walking wardrobe. Finally, a gym is important for a top model.

I wrote my design ideas more clear on my sketchbook.


I think the client brief is really important . For example ,  if you are going to give a gift to others, you should know what does she or he favorite . If the person don’t like alcohol but you give him a bottle of wine. It’s really rude, isn’t it ? So we should know the client’s character, hobby , family and other things. Such as does Naomi have a pet or a boyfriend. So we can design a pet room or a double-bed for her .And she loves drinking wine so we can design a wine case for her. Her temperament is not really good so the colour of the room should in some cool colours to help her to calm down.

I realized that Naomi is a famous and dangerous so there should has a small bedroom for her bodyguard . So we should think of the client’s society relationship and status . A civilian won’t need a bodyguard and a star won’t always be alone. 

In the future, I will use this knowledge to research the client’s information and design the most appropriate apartment. That is what should I do. 



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