7Oct2016 Interior Design 

This morning I went out to take some photos for the location of the house with Kikko. We tried our best to show what is the Cambridge looks  like.

There is a candy shop nearby the house.

There also have many clothes shops ,gift shops, musical stores and book stores nearby the house.

By the way, the River Cam is nearby the house,too.The night scene of the River Cam is beautiful. There are many pubs and clubs nearby the River Cam so she will never feel boring.
In the afternoon,we used taps to  measurethe room shape in groups.

When you come into the room ,the left side of the door is a small area which is next to a park. So it’s a little noisy. To the contrary,the other side is quiet and big.

After that,we are going to design at lest three schematic drawings for this room.


The location research is important. On the one hand because a good area can attract the client easily. For example , women clients love the apartment near by the shopping centre, but men clients may love the apartment near by some pubs and bars. On the other hand a good research can help us design furniture better. For example , there are a dry cleaner downstair so we can ignore the washing machine .Then we will get bigger place. 

So that location research not only helps client to know the environment early but also helps us to design more useful floor plan.  

(Honestly, I decided to learn product design about 6 month ago . I thought that was destiny but  now I feel shillyshally. I can feel I fell in love with the spatial design. I even don’t know do I good at interior design . Feel so bad and it looks like a man fall in love with two pretty girls . God please help me.😥)


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