10Oct2016 Interior Design

Well, this was my first time that painted on a piece of transparent paper. Its advantage is that it can make mistakes. As long as you do not fold it, it will not leave traces. It was amazing .But the disadvantage is that it is a little hard to write on. For example ,if you draw a line on that paper,it can easily be rubbed off by hand or ruler. It was inconvenient to align the lines.

We also used many kinds of rules to draw the lines.Such as scale rule with different size of 1:1m ,1:5m ,1:20m, 1:50m ,1:200m ,1:250m ,1:1250m and 1:2500m. And there is another ruler which can align the table to make sure you lines are parallel to each other.

The most important thing I learnt was the minimum size of the room and the furnitures .

Of this reason,my two sketchy floor plans are both incorrect. I had to change the place of all the rooms. Next time I will cut a little piece of paper as a person to control the size of  rooms.


Honestly, I have drew two simple floor plans before. But when I started using rule to draw the floor plan, I found they are both wrong. The rooms’ place is too small to stay a person. 

Failure is the mother of success.

I changed site and shapes of the bathroom and the cloakroom at once. In another words, I changed all the rooms’ shapes except the bedroom. Just remember the size of the person then everything will turn good. 


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