13Oct2016 Interior Design

Well, I used T-square,set square(30degree,45degree and 60degree) , compasses , French curve, template , measuring scale , pencil and fine point to draw the floor plan.

Among these tools,the most common of these tools are T-square , set square and measuring scale.

A T-square consists of a ruler and a ruler perpendicular to the ruler. The foot and the ruler are firmly fixed. When using a T-square, the foot should be against the left side of the drawing board. With one hand hold the ruler, the foot pushed to the appropriate position fixed, the other hand along the ruler line.

A measuring scale is a special ruler ,for a variety of length units of measurement .The scale and general ruler similar to mm units ,because of its cross-section was an equilateral triangle, also known as the “triangular ruler “. The six different proportions ,so it is very popular.



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