18Oct2016 Minimalism Contextual Studies

  • (1960s-LAST1960s)

Minimalism is something we take for granted. The idea that there is virtue in stripping away, that simplicity can be beautiful, and give rise to its own special kind of complexity, is one that feels as old as the world itself – but it’s relatively new.




Now, I have learned DADA, SURREALISM, ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM, POPART, MINIMALISM. And my product is interior design. So I always want to put these art into my room design. But only two styles are my favorite . The one is surrealism,and the other one is minimalism.

Now a days,more and more people love simple clothes, simple food and simple life. Such as that picture of flower and the floor .The machines also become simple . Such as the apple computer .They look easy but also difficult .

I forgot but someone had told me that you can’t wear earring,necklace and rings together. Because sometimes too much things can make you look chaotic.

What did Mies van der Rohe mean by less is more? As recounted by the late Detlef Mertins in the exceptional monograph, the 21-year-old miss van der Rohe recalled designing the glazing of the west, courtyard elevation of the AEG Turbine Factory, which is considerably more utilitarian in character than the grand street elevation. Beyond the determinants of the technical form Mies said that what he contributed was “indeed almost nothing”. And it was in working on this elevation that Mies first came across the infamous expression, ‘less is more’.


屏幕快照 2016-10-20 上午1.38.04.png屏幕快照 2016-10-20 上午1.38.21.png

I prefer the first one . It made up with black and white .It is simple so that reflects my style. The title and information are clear .The model is more fashion. The second one looks really chaotic.Now a days ,more and more people realise that black and white are ageless fashion. The famous model Naomi Campbell said” White colour will be the most fashion colour forever” and the true said “she is always right.” Young people always add many different colours on there clothes .But the question is the whole person looks really confused when kinds of  their clothes’ colours more than 3. We cannot understand what they want to express. In my opinion , the colour can show people’s heart. But you can read anything from the black or white . That are all the reasons  why I love the first picture.


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