17Oct2016 Interior Design

I did a model all the day.

I used iron ruler , pad, knife, cardboards, scale ruler, pencil, fine point, french curve, plastic boards, pva glue to make the model.

At first ,I followed my floor plan to draw some rectangles on the cardboard in the same size. And cut them with the knife and iron ruler. Finally, I sticked them together with pva  glue. Sounds quite simple . But at fact ,there were many things have to look out.


A cardboard have to be cut at least three knifes to cut off. The knife must very sharp or the froth between the cards will be ragged. Of course nobody wants a wall or a furniture with a ragged edge. By the way, the iron ruler must be pressed strongly or maybe you have to draw the line again on the other cardboard. 

Before stick the cardboards, you should cut a edge of one side of one cardboard. Because the froth can stick better than cards . So I have to cut only two knifes on the board to cut down a piece of card and a piece of froth . That process must be careful because I have to make sure the other side of the card is in a  good condition .

When I was making the coffee table I found that the froth is quite easy to be cut. So if I only cut the froth without any card around , it is hard to control the cutting way. The only way to solve this problem is to cut many squares in the same size. And choose the best one from these froth squares.


The model making is a hard work that have to pay much attention on it. And it should be spent more times on . Honestly, my model is really simple. Maybe I should watch some interior models’ movies on youtube .

That are all my thinking.


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