31Oct2016 Photography


We used ROYAGRAPHY PAPER to imitate ROY MAN . After took photos ,we put papers into DEVELOPER WATER, STOP WATER, FIX WATER in turn . Then after about 5 minutes ,the photos were done.


The developer water is very slow to show the images . So if it did not show the images quickly, don’t be worry or put more developer water on the paper. That was my fail. I saw it show nothing and put developer water on the paper again and again. Of course, the most of my royagraphys are full of black and can see nothing.

By the way , we didn’t have to put the paper into the developer water. We can brush the paper with brush witch with some developer water. The effect is can’t be controlled and dramatic.


We also know the photography studio. We can take a picture witch has many the same person’s shadows by using shutter speed and flashlight. That was quite interesting  and funny. Maybe next time I can try same Egyptain symbolic models and take some photos.


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