1Dec2016 Interior Design

Well , I finished the final design of the logo with my parter Courtney. We designed three different logos and here is a picture which is the best design has been developed .%e8%81%94%e7%b3%bb%e8%a1%a8-001

We chose the first design as our logo from many designs. For myself , I have learnt that development is continually change convertible elements and try to find the best one. For example, in this picture, we changed 4 different greens to look for the best one which is not vulgar as a company logo.

After lunch ,we went outside and looked for some interesting buildings and interiors.


Honestly, we would like to design a church into a restaurant-cafe before we found we have to pay money to go inside. We found the price list before we walked into the church. About 10 seconds later, we walked to opposite side together with no conversation…It was really sad.

After that ,we went into about 5 shops to research the location and interior shapes.I realised that the height of the room’s slabs and the location of the elevator shaft are the most important elements. Because a high slab makes the room feeling empty and the elevator shaft which locate in the centre of the room makes the room crowd. Based on these two basic principles ,we found some shops as our location research.

We both loved the REISS because of the interior shape and the big windows. The REISS location is also greet because it located on the Cambridge city centre and it beside a big road so there will be many customs to come in. If everything is propitious , we are going to choose REISS as our client’s restaurant-cafe .

Now, I am trying to do some research for those locations which we chose. The pros and cons must be clearly to show to the clients so that they can choose the best one immediately and feel no confused.


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