2Dec2016 Interior Design

Well, We are trying to write an email to interview our clients and a contract.

Today, I only cleared up my sketch book and tried to add some new things in. I wrote a little paragraph letter for interview and then Courtney  checked the  words and tried to make it more perfect.

After the school ,I went to a restaurant named Noodle Bar and use my hand to measure the table’s size. I realised that a square table’s length ,which in appropriate size ,has in three hands length size.

Then I research the best interior design projects of the year, as selected by US editor Dan Howarth for our 2016 review, include a London apartment for a pair of film directors and a heart clinic lined in cork, from Dezeen.

The website :https://www.dezeen.com/2016/12/22/top-10-interior-design-projects-2016/


Theatrical Apartment, UK, by APA


Green 26 offices, Thailand, by Anonymstudio


Chi-Q restaurant, China, by Neri&Hu


11 Howard hotel, USA, by Space Copenhagen


Acne Studios Madison Avenue, USA, by Max Lamb


Hirslanden Heart Clinic, Switzerland, by Dost


Heike fashion store, China, by AN Design


Kinfolk offices and gallery, Denmark, by Norm Architects


Crew Offices and Cafe, Canada, by Henri Cleinge


Apartment Nana by Rar Studio

Personally, I prefer the seventh interior design. It’s the Heike fashion concept store. A black box at the centre of the shop marks the location of a staircase, which leads up through a “wedge-shaped” volume to connect the two floors of the 200-square-metre interior. Because of this, the designers call the project Black Cant System. Clothing is presented on geometric clothing rails. Other details include fan-shaped handrails, aluminium chandeliers, bespoke furniture elements and large mirrors.

Judges described said the project “challenges conventional ideas about a retail fashion store”. “Store brand and architectural image work in harmony with a sensitivity to surface and details,” they said.

This interior design works well with the using and appearance. Through some of simple geometric shapes and simple tones, it is reflected in all aspects of fashion.


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