5Dec2016 Interior Design

Today I also checked our research and prepared for the interview on Thursday.

I used to write by my hand because I love the handwritten words feeling. But I started to use photoshop to type some my own opinions and stick on my sketchbook recently. When I began this subject I started to compose the pictures and words which just like the behind the scenes of a film, such as 007 . Maybe for the future, I will use photoshop to add words and pictures , then compose and print into 3A size. Maybe it will be more tidy and orderly than my handwritten.

My partner and I have tricked our location research and we noticed that one of the three researches we did was different. We have to finish the difference one between the two researches. This is a lesson that before writing in the research, we must be checked with the partner or team members what to be researched which has been photographed according to the location. This will save time and allow you to drill down into locations which you’ve chosen before.

In the courseware break, I read the other students’ sketchbooks. I realized that location research is not only to specify the advantages and disadvantages of this location, but also to study whether this site is suitable for shop. For example, I should research the location of the traffic in different time periods, as a designer.If this area only has high flow of people in the morning,  it is not a good choice to open a bar here .

I should also consider the location of the surrounding environment. For example, if I want to open a restaurant, I should not be open between many restaurants and the other restaurants. It is not conducive to the development of this restaurant.


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