12Dec2016 Interior Design

Today I read a lot of pictures about Mediterranean style on app named Pinterest .

After that ,I reminded a daring idea-I am going to make a small upstair to enjoy the view. Under the stairs , I am going to make a small playing-room for  children and people who are waiting for the dinner. The stairs and room will be both made by bamboo .But at the same time, I thought about to use the ground glass to be the materials. Materials are very important because these materials control the whole restaurant-cafe’s style.

On the one hand, Bamboo can make people feel peaceful as the whole material. It is durable and hard to be broken. But the most difficult thing is a piece of bamboo occupy a large space. We don’t have to so much space for a lot of bamboo. Customers’ space will get smaller than before.

On the other hand, Ground Glass and normal glass can keep the space’s size but it cannot show the Mediterranean style clearly. At first, I just want to keep the waiting customers who sit in the playing-room feel interested. We can imagine that customers who waiting in the playing-room can see the other customers’ foot print upstair. Is not interesting?

Immediately, I realised that mirror can make the space looks much bigger. So I am going to stick a full-length mirror in the every washing room. Of course , there will also has a big washing room for the disabled people. So there will have 2 normal toilets and one big toilet for women and the same number for men.

And there is also a very difficult thing -the kitchen’s space. I got information ,from clients , that the restaurant-cafe will sell fresh food .So I thought there wouldn’t make too much kitchen lampblack and cooking oil fumes. In my opinion, I would like to choose a half-open kitchen to show the Mediterranean style and keep menu secrets.

That is all my first idea of the restaurant-cafe and my design brief.


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