8Dec2016 Interior Design

I just finished the first interview in my life with my parter by using a projector t o show our location research. My chose four store locations for our clients to choose the one they prefer.

The meeting gets off the ground. My parter was responsible for introduce the main location researches and I was responsible for the main exhibition and a little of the introduction. Our interior design teachers work as our clients.

After the interview, I thought about the materials should I use. I went to the bookshop and bought some interior design books.Here are some scenes from the books.


The book is about how to design loft. And I tried to look forward some lofts which have been used eco-friendly materials, such as woods. The decorations are all really cool and useful for me.

Especially the chandelier in the last one. Look carefully, this chandelier consists of a lot of small people pull each other. Just like the closer to the periphery, the easier they will fall. These people fly like moths to the flames one after another. I feel the light is so precious, because these small wood on the central light of the yearning.

The penultimate picture of the chandelier is also very interesting,.The spiral wood inlaid with a number of irregular distribution of small light bulbs. Looks very cute but also dramatic.

My first major concern in the first five pictures is the wood trim on the ceiling. In my mind, the environmental protection materials are mostly wood or bamboo. After one week,  I learnt that there are many environmentally friendly materials can be used for interior design, but this time I did not know. So I researched many interior design example pictures for my project.


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