9Dec2016 Interior Design

I found a very beautiful interior design when I was researching artists. I love it so much that I must do a research for this design. Unfortunately, this design is not a sustainable style although the materials all came from nature.

I came from the northeast of China. It’s very cold in winter so I have a cordial feeling with ice and snow. That’s the first reason way I love this design so much.


Twenty themed suites, a frozen art gallery and an ice staircase feature in Icehotel’s first permanent lodgings, which have now been unveiled in Sweden.The Icehotel 365 is located on the banks of the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden – next to the site where a seasonal Icehotel has been erected each winter since 1989. Unlike its temporary counterpart, which is built annually from ice and snow sourced from a nearby river, the year-round Icehotel has an undulating roof that is snow-covered in winter and grassy in summer.Its interiors have been imagined by over 40 artists, designers and architects, including Norwegian-Italian Luca Roncoroni – who has created an apartment inspired by the Victorian era – and Swedish duo Tjåsa Gusfors and Patrick Dallard, whose suite is based on dancing.



The crystal clear ice seems increasingly turbid gems. The only light has been reflected and reflected again in the empty space. Giving people the impression that exposure to a fairy tale.

By the way, this ice hotel is located in Sweden. When people talking about Sweden, people always feel cold because the frozen weather. But this design made Sweden’s weather as an advertisements. When you are in the ice hotel, you seem to be the ice owner, just like Elsa.When you walk out of the ice hotel, there will be endless white snow in front of you. So even if you get out of the architects of the design of the building, you will still feel like have not leave the building.

This is probably be the design works and natural perfect fit together.


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