15Dec2016 Interior Design

These days I was thinking about the composition of my sketchbook. How to make each page connect closely and harmonious. I read some film timetable book such as The JAMES BOND ARCHIVES and The TOTORO. Finally, I found the most peaceful colours are black and white. And the most comfortable style is minimalism.

I changed my sketchbook’s colour style and added some new minimalist design into it. I also research my most favourite frame — Chinese traditional window frames. Just like my logo style which has water chestnut clear borders.

Today our teacher introduced the concept form again.  I finally recognized how to start to think and design the restaurant-cafe which is in Mediterranean style.

At first, I wrote down the word “Mediterranean” on the paper. After that, I wrote many words about the mediterranean around it. For example, Mediterranean is famous with the sea which be surrounded by many different countries. And the most pretty and cheapest things in the sea are shells. So I wrote down “SHELL” and so on. I got many useful words:shell, stone, water, glass, ceramic tile, wood, ceramic, branches, and carpet. Then I wrote other words about “fresh food”which we will sell and “country”which around the mediterranean sea. Finally, I used these different kinds of words to make a mind map.

By the way, I researched some sustainable architects. The deepest impression is the bamboo house which is designed by a  HongKong architecture studio. The space of the house is really really small. Then I reminded that Hong Kong who currently live without any permanent form of housing. People live without a social safety net in a city where housing prices are some of the most expensive in the world. So this kind of homes is very approprate to them. Finally, I releazed that the housing design must be considered from the people’s living conditions.

I think that was an important basic design concept for a designer. no matter when, clients’ requisitions always be the first one.


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