16Dec2016 Interior Design

Today is the last school day before the Christmas Holiday. We continued to do our own jobs.I Scanned some restaurant pictures from books in spatial studio.

After that, I went to London to shopping. London is a very special city as an international capital. Different people have different feelings to London. For example, my friend doesn’t like London because he think it’s too crowed and people always keep moving very fast. He is right. I knew he does not get wrong thinking, but I didn’t agree with him.

In fact, I think the most of the capital, such as London, are very tolerant. People are all busy, at the same time, no one could care what you are wearing or doing. You can do anything that you want. Perhaps people are in the pursuit of life that do not care about other people’s view. Today, people are looking for personal space and looking for self-confidence and security in their own private space. If this is what people are looking for, it will be very popular if I do this when designing a room for them.

But this design can only be used in the bedroom and toilet. If I can design in some public places where people could feel confident and safe, it will be perfect. That will change the world.

And one more thing, I have found a Mediterranean-style book from Selfridges in London. The book’s name is Dream Decor. In this book, I realised that Mediterranean style not only contains white and blue, it can be colourful.

I summed up, basically there are yellow、red,、blue、green、purple and orange.  Some of the same base of the colours  will have a different tone. But the only constant is that all colours are bright. They all look like colourful balloons which be sold in amusement park. They are cheerful、bright and lovely.


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