6Jan2017 Interior Design

My Spatial design teacher told us how to do the concept design in a correct way again. I noticed that concept research just is the inspiration my design style.

As for me, the design style is Mediterranean Style.

At first, I was thinking about the (mediterranean) fairy tale. Then I thought about The Little Mermaid and Greek mythology. After that I found It is difficult to express the characteristics of the Mediterranean as well as its own.


Secondly,  I remembered some candle holder‘s shape which are fantasy, too. Delicate patterns, complex decoration and the sense of imprisonment by delicated is the central idea.


Thirdly,  I thought of the shells、stones and water so I associated of the beach naturally. The shell’s shape and the stone’s colour are both suitable to my design project. I was thinking about turn the whole restaurant into a evening beach. Costumers will feel comfortable and enjoy relaxing when they stay in the restaurant. It’s likes eating a candle-lit dinner with friends on the beach because I won’t use LED as the light. At the same time, I would use candle as the whole room light.

The footprints which people left on the beach and hells and stones  which been  continually washed by the water, all of them are very good material. At the same time, the colourful small houses and the sun umbrella on the beach provide a lot of choices for the design colour.


Fourthly,  I thought about season. To the truth, I am not very clear “season” is closely integrated with the Mediterranean Design. According to the information which I have found, the Mediterranean climate that in different seasons is very characteristic.

Finally, I recalled a cat which is the cover of a Mediterranean Book. The colour and the cat’s eyes left a deep impression on me. Evil eye is my only view of the Mediterranean Cat. Because the evil eye is a relatively evil thing, even though it is produced in the Mediterranean I was still afraid of customers will feel uncomfortable, so if I finally decided the evil eye as the theme, I will use small tiles to convert the eye into a spiral pattern just like the following pictures.


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