9Jan2017 Interior Design

Today I still would like to talk about my concept research.

In my opinion, the mediterranean is made up of sun, beach, sea and remote history and culture. Old castles and ancient sites are the centre of the mediterranean views. For centuries, explore ancient ruins and search for evidence of a lost civilisation always the whole project for observers. Influenced by ancient ruins and local people, Mediterranean designs always give people a feeling of noble,  gorgeous but easy-going.

Based on the characteristics of mediterranean interior design elements, I chose beach as my Design Prototype. To be precise, the prototype is the shells which can found easily in the beach. Shell always stayed near by many stones look very ordinary. But shell can product priceless pearls inside it. Noble, Gorgeous and easy-going, shell has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean.

I researched the shell’s shape and some elements after identifying the research topic.


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