12Jan2017 Interior Design

Today I have done some material research.

Conventional Eco-friendly materials

1. Bamboo, Bamboo Based Particle Board & Ply Board, Bamboo Matting

2. Bricks sun dried

3. Pre-cast cement concrete blocks, lintels, slab. Structural and non-structural modular elements

4. Calcined Phospho-Gypsum Wall Panels

5. Calcium silicate boards and Tiles

6. Cellular Light Weight Concrete Blocks

7. Cement Paint 8. Clay roofing tiles

9. Water, polyurethane and acrylic based chemical admixtures for corrosion removal, rust prevention, water proofing

10. Epoxy Resin System, Flooring, sealants, adhesives and admixtures

11. Ferro-cement boards for door and window shutters

12. Ferro-cement Roofing Channels

13. Fly-ash Sand Lime Bricks and Paver Blocks

14. Gypsum Board, Tiles, Plaster, Blocks, gypsum plaster fibre jute/sisal and glass fibre composites

15. Laminated Wood Plastic Components

16. Marble Mosaic Tiles

17. MDF Boards and Mouldings

18. Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles

19. Particle Boards

20. Polymerised water proof compound

21. Polymerised water proof compound

22. Portland Pozzolana Cement Fly-ash / Calcinated Clay Based

23. Portland Slag Cement

24. RCC Door Frames

25. Ready Mix Cement Concrete

26. Rubber Wood Finger Joint Board

27. Stone dust

28. Water proof compound, adhesive, Polymer, Powder

Potential Eco-friendly materials & techniques 1. Bagasse Board – BMTPC 2. Bricks from Coal Washery Rejects -CBRI, Roorkee 3. Building Blocks From Mine Waste – SERC 4. Burnt Clay FlyAsh Bricks – CBRI, Roorkee 5. Coir Cement Board – CBRI, Roorkee 6. Compressed Earth Blocks – BMTPC 7. EPS Composites and Door Shutters -CBRI, Roorkee 8. Fibre Flyash Cement Boards -BMTPC 9. Fibre Reinforced Concrete Precast Elements, Wall panels, Blocks, Manhole Covers – SERC 10. Fibrous Gypsum Plaster Boards – CBRI, Roorkee 11. Flyash Cellular Concrete, Flyash Cement Brick, Blocks – BMTPC 12. Flyash Lime Cellular Concrete – CBRI, Roorkee 13. Flyash Lime Gypsum Brick – BMTPC 14. Insulating Bricks from Rice Husk Ash- Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata 15. Jute Fibre Polyester -BMTPC 16. Non Erodable Mud Plaster – CBRI, Roorkee 17. Polytiles – CBRI, Roorkee 18. Timber from trees such as Poplar, Rubber, Eucalyptus – BMTPC 19. Precast walling roofing components – CBRI, Roorkee 20. Prefab Brick Panel System – CBRI, Roorkee

From up words, I have learnt many different eco-friendly materials for my suit design.

For my own design, I would like to use Bricks sun dried as the main material . Because in my opinion, I thought Mediterranean buildings are always built by brick sun dried. Maybe I can used bricks sun dried as the wall in the toilet.


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