13Jan2017 Interior Design

I have done a studio research for eco-friendly materials.

This research is about Boeri Studio.

This pair of skyscrapers by Milan office Boeri Studio are nearing completion in the Italian city, featuring as many trees as could be planted in a hectare of forest. The studio led by Italian architect Stefano Boeri came up with the concept of Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest.

“This is a kind of biological architecture that refuses to adopt a strictly technological and mechanical approach to environmental sustainability,” said Boeri Studio.Project Boeri Studio (Boeri, Barreca, La Varra)

This building is Located in Milan, Italy and built in 2009-2014. The client is HINES Italia Srl. The Commission is Residential towers. By the way the Surface is 40.000 sqm.

The building image quite attracts people’s attention. A lot of plants extend out of the windows and balconies that turn the building into a small forest. People and pets who live in the building can often feel the seasonal changes. But I think this kind of building has some problems.

There will have a lot of insects in the building when it is summer. The situation will improve until autumn but the deciduous leaves are the new problem. Human being has spent millions of years to leave forest and built cities. This building take people back to millions of years ago immediately.

I don’t know is this helpful or helpless to human beings. But it is good for people’s healthy because plants can create oxygen gas. Nowadays, according to the preferences of today’s young people, return to the nature has become a kind of trend .

More and more young people like to move away from the city and move to the countryside. But they have to resign their jobs before move to the countryside. This building just to meet the needs of them.


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