20Jan2017 Interior Design

Here is a research of a restaurant named Beijing Noodle No.9.

Because the restaurant is located next to the casino, the dividing line between the two was purposefully blurred by means of an open facade, which dulls the sounds coming from the gaming room, but allows dinners to continue to watch the excitement.

As the visitors walk further into the restaurant, they are immersed in a surrealist atmosphere created by decorated surfaces. Arabesques, spread around the steel sheeting on the walls, gradually merge with the ceiling and generate an interior reminiscent of a bud. (《NEW BARS&RESTAURANT 2》P51 )

In my opinion, if I would like to get some ideas from this design, I probably change the steel sheeting into frosted glass, also to generate an interior reminiscent of a bud. The cohesion in the restaurant design is enhanced by using LED lights positioned between the different layers of the bud.

The light cause the shadows to be projected onto the table, floor, and kitchen area. The arabesques are repeated on all surfaces. The bright light and feeling of lightness and air envelop the diners in a sensual and visually relaxing ambience.

If I do some development on this design, I would like change the LED lights into small lights which have warmer colours or just use candles to keep the bud shadows. Another element which attracts me is these big fish tanks.

My dsign style is Mediterranean so these big fish tanks could make the overall design closer to the nature. The fish in the tanks can be all in the same colour, which matches with the glasses and the jars containing cooking ingredients.


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