20Feb2017 Interior Design

This is the beginning of my final major project in the foundation. This time, I have to chose two of my interests to be the  themes.

At first, I just asked myself what do I like and myself told me that the SanXingDui Museum was fascinated by me since I viewed it first time. I went to internet and watched some videos with SanXingDui Museum. I also did some simply sketch but my mind was frozen by there complicated documentaries.

After that, I realised I should write down what I was thinking and try to catch my jumping minds. Then I wrote down “Tang Dynasty” “Ancient Culture” respectively.Then I found that these two things are the same. They are mysterious, old and gorgeous. It’s the first time that I realised  what really made me interested was the mystery of the unknown by recording my own thinking process with paper. Those who clearly do not belong to this era of civilization deeply attracted me. But if I did not record my thinking on paper, I would not re-understand myself. Of course, I will not find my first theme forever. My first theme is witchcraft culture .

So I have learnt to write down my ideas for catching my mind, even any wired ideas.

From now on, I will try to write something that is presented in my brain whenever I am going to need to extend my thoughts. Maybe there will be an accidental harvest.

Because when you first write an idea, you would think this is your most perfect idea. You even think that this is your final design idea and then it has been drawn out of a floor plan in your mind. But that’s wrong. It is imprisoned your thoughts in the beginning. After that your thoughts have became involuntarily in the local rotation.


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