21Feb2017 Contextual Study

I have learnt how to write bibliography.

If I researched some books, I should write down the author second name、author initials、(date published)、title and publication place. So that I can find the source of this idea when I would like to check the source of idea and more easy to find more things from my research. At the same time, it can deepen our understanding of design style and other things recording the information about the book.

For example, so far, I am most impressed by a book called《flea market style》. This book is rich but not bright colours. When I saw it at first view, I thought it was a book about the Victorian style, because it was looked like come from the 50s. If let me describe, I think this interior style is more like a grandmother’s room. Because I need to record bibliography, I have to read the introduction of this book. By reading the introduction to this book, I have more confirmed that this design style when was it popular. That was very important.

If I researched pictures and information from internet, I should write down the website title, following by the URL and then(the date you accessed the page).

From now on, I will keep the habit of writing bibliography. Just like keeping the table clean and tidy. I will find the important information intuitively  and simply. At the same time, it will help us to remember some well-known designer’s names. It is an advantage to always order summary.


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