22Feb2017 Visual Study & Life Drawing

Today I have learnt how to draw oil painting in a gentle way.

I used to used natural colours for reflecting a relatively strong contrast between the bright and shadows. But this time, I tried to add white both in the dark side and bright side. This method makes the object more gentle and delicate. By the way, this is another new painting technique for me at all.

I will use this skill to try to draw some perspective drawing for my floor plan in the future when I need to press the gentle of the whole style.

I also learnt how to create new colours by using only three natural colours and white. We all know screens from computers or televisions used only yellow, red and blue to show all the images. So this time, I tried to use these three colours to work, just like electronic screens. I have found red add blue will produce black, red add yellow will produce orange, yellow add blue will produce green. So that it can be created many different kinds of colours to consist of a beautiful painting.

And in the life drawing class, I learned shorthand sketch. That means I have to draw an object after I saw it and I can’t look at it when I was drawing. I have tried to promote my memory about the shape and lines.

As far as I am concerned, I think it would be a great advantage to have this technology for interior designers. If i saw a very interesting design but I did not have a camera to record it at that time, I will record this design quickly with a pen. This way will make me impressed in this design. Moreover, in general, I will not always see my own pictures and I will forget it soon. But if it is painted down, I will often read it and try to remember .


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