23Feb2017 Interior Design

During the last project, I have learnt how to use google sketch-up and layout to draw some different floor plans. I also made some models by using different materials and some machines. I also did some artist research、book research、material research、restaurant research、concept research and many developments with sketches for that project. In this process, I have failed and also succeed but they all became an important experience for me.

One of my themes is fairy tale. Or may be called Disney because I chose the fairy tale for little children. When we were children, we always dreamed to be a prince or princess to find the true love and be happy forever. But with the age growing, we gradually realized that this is not possible and forgot the initial dreams. I would like to design a kindergarten with the theme as fairy tale to help children’s dream come true. In this kindergarten, every child would feel like Alice. They will have an illusion as they are in the white rabbit hole. Although it is just a lie, I believe it will be a sweet dream.

That was my first thought. But I have to change my theme after I talked my idea with my tutor. He thought that it is too limited to use fairy tale as theme. So it will be very hard to do the research. Then I thought about surrealism as my theme. It not only includes the fairy tale but also can research more than fairy tale.

I have learnt I need to choose broadly noun as my theme in the future. This is more conducive to open up my mind.


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