27Feb2017 Interior Design

Today I continued to think about some ideas about my two themes.

One of these two themes is surrealism.

The reason of why I chose this theme is that I realized students are giving themselves many great pressure. This is the main result of social trends. Students have to experience for education at least 12 years, especially of Asian students who are going to attend College entrance examination. Most of them have to study from 7 AM until 12AM every day. At the same time, due to strong pressure, more and more students get depression and other mental illness. In order to reduce their pressure and let them to have time for relaxing, so I would like to design a psychotherapy for them.

Personally, I think I am under great pressure now. The pressure that was me now even more than the pressure when I prepared the college entrance examination. Ask myself, as a desire to enter the university students, the biggest desire is to have a place to get rid of these heavy pressure in the real life. So I want one place which can meet  this wish. That’s the whole process that I have thought.

From this process, I have learnt to get ideas from the true life. Try to put myself in my own design. For example, If I happened to design a room for a doctor. I would not design a big double bed because I won’t have chance to enjoy it. I always be very tired and fall in sleep very fast. I would design a bookshelf because I have to always try to learn new knowledge if I am a doctor. I also have to design a television with CD-ROM drive or a computer so I can review the surgical information and videos easily. And so on. The reason of why I could thought these furniture is that my parents  are eye doctors(ophthalmologists). I lived with my parents about 20 years so I know what things they always need. And I envisaged that if I were them, I would prefer to have any furniture in my room or what kind of layout.

I think this is the reason why customers always think that some of the interior designers are very intimate. Because they will put themselves in place for the customer to consider some of the details.


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