31Mar2017 Interior Design

Well, today I continue thinking about the title of the essay.

My decided the title is “Why does binary-opposition exist.” before I have a talk with my interior  tutors. They told me that the range of the title was too huge to introduce and discuss in only one essay.

Based on this problem, I decided to connect this title in a commuting space. Such as “Why does binary-opposition exist in our lives.” or “Why does binary-opposition exist in the culture.”. My tutor reminded me a fantastic space: “Why does binary-opposition exist in the folklore.” because of the mystery of  my final theme.

In my opinion, the folklore means the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth. It was quite commensurate with ancient witchcraft culture.

But on the other side, I did some research for some different cultures. Such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christianism, Catholicism, Mohammedanism and so on. They are quite similar in some aspects but some are completely different. For example, Buddhism and Taoism both controlled the China in feudal society. Buddhism and Taoism worked together although they are quite different religions. And the culture came from the local religion. So I was prefer to choose the “Why does binary-opposition exist in the culture.” as my essay title.

By the way, I focused on tea-ceremony in Japan and the tea-ceremony in China although they were integrated long time ago. At the same time, the Chinese zen, Japanese zen and Korean zen have many oppositions, too. But once upon time, the Japanese zen and Korean zen both came from China.

Today, I learnt how to exploit spirit when I decide the main statement.


30Mar2017 Interior Design

Well, today I started to  think about what title for my essay.

I listed some key words on a piece of paper.

At first, I reminded “morality” because my main statement is nothing is right and nothing is wrong. Obversely, I think a lot of things which are opposing with each other. But what makes things right or wrong? I have researched about it. From my research, I realised that as we have gathered by now, morality is the sort of thing that isn’t testable by science. There is no scientific instrument that measure moral rightness and wrongness. The philosophy of morality is not so much about which ones are wrong, as it is about what makes actions right or wrong.

However, this main statement is too nearly philosophy to connect with the ancient witchcraft culture.

secondly, I reminded “grey” because grey is mixed with black and white. As we all know, even every country has its own grey zone. Grey one means that an intermediate area between two opposing positions; a situation, subject, etc., not clearly or easily defined, or not covered by an existing category or set of rules. We always define the grey zone of a quantitative test as an area of values where the discriminatory performance is ‘insufficient’, in the sense that a value in the grey zone does not allow the target disease to be scored as either present or absent.

However, this main statement is too obstructive to show to people.

Finally, I reminded “binary-opposition” because research something which are opposing with each other is exactly what I would like to do. A binary opposition (also binary system) is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning. Binary opposition is the system by which, in language and thought, two theoretical opposites are strictly defined and set off against one another.

I thought this is really connect with my final theme so I decided the binary opposition as my main statement for my essay.


27Mar2017 Interior Design

After one week ‘s study,I learned even much deeper about my major,Interior Design .In the recent years,with the rapid development of the housing industry,the booming of residental industry ,the interior decoration industry has been improved greatly,under the huge situation of high speed improvement in domestic economy,which bring about a big opportunity for many students

Interior design mainly depends on the designing style of the designer.As a proverb says,Every oak must be an acorn;Great oaks from little acrons grow.As a result,it is of great importance to lay a solid foundation.In this case,designers are expected to have a certain level of design capability and basic skills,including clay model making and computer design software application ability.Of course, all of those skills need professional training.But what is most important is the critical ability.Secondly,creativity,for designer is the soul of decoration industry,which directly affects the effect of design work.It is essential for designers to have imagination,creativity prospective as well.,calculated by using the engineering design method and the analogy to the hair, emphasizing the originality of stylist, designing a kaleidoscope of element line picture, emerging in endlessly. Of course, I also think it is needed for designers to have a certain art language, to further improve the aesthetic view of design scheme. So we are supposed to study hard to obtain good interior design professional knowledge, and know that different design style will produce what kind of effect, such as mechanical design will be what kind of effect, geometry design will have what kind of effect? Influence has been involved, so we are going to have a heart of empty cup.The involved knowledge achieve mastery through a comprehensive use, and it is not going to use freely.

And on the other hand,it is to emphasize the market consciousness.The designers must make a lot of production and market considerations,aming to customers design style, such as customer personal style, cultural background, climate environmental considerations. The last point is to emphasize the responsibilities, designesr and customer negotiations, field exploration,to learn as much as possible to the customers career,which are been fond of. Using function and the pursuit of style are valued sa well.

I have benefited a lot from this weeks professional learning. I have learned to improve their professional knowledge, do some more model design, improve their ability, and emphasizes the unity of.And finally I believe that the accumulation of quantitative change, will reach the qualitative change of the breakthrough. I have ever seen a great book,and it analysis what it means.This implies the quantitative change both to have the necessity regarding the qualitative change, and has the inevitability, does not have the quantitative change not to have the qualitative change. On the other hand, the qualitative change transforms to the quantitative change, the qualitative change not only may complete the quantitative change, manifests with the consolidated quantitative change achievement, moreover may pave the way for the new quantitative change. This illustrates the qualitative change both to have the inevitability regarding the quantitative change, and has the necessity, moreover only then the qualitative change only then has the new thing production and the world development. As a result of this, acknowledges the qualitative change, is differentiates one of the diagnostic method and metaphysics two kind of development concept important symbols. The diagnostic method development concept both and only acknowledges the qualitative change, the denial quantitative change ” the cataclysm theory ” differently.

24Mar2017 Interior Design

Today, we used some pieces of foam board and transparent tape to stick our joint in different body places. So we could experience as disable people. IMG_3576.JPG    IMG_3577.JPG

At first, we were manacled movement by ting a leg.

One of the most important things that I released leg disabled people can not curved them leg when they go up stairs. Then I reminded some restaurants in China built too high stairs to get people go up stairs easily. So interior designers couldn’t make the stirs too high. This way can’t save any materials or space.

After that, I sat on the chair with a piece of plastic board sticked on my leg. Honestly, it was really hard to sit down and didn’t kick others. That means the width of the table and the space opposite the toilet and chairs can’t shorter than them legs.

IMG_3585.JPG    IMG_3584.JPG

Then, we restricted our fingers activity.

We did many different texts. The texts showed hand disabled people cannot use knifes or chopsticks. They can only use spoons and forks to eat food. they cannot carry a big bottle of water or big cups. So the cups should be in a thin and long size.

The most important things we have noticed is that the door handles’ shapes. The door handle which can be opened by swinging up and down is more convenient than the door handle which needs to be rotated by holding it. But also more hygienic.

IMG_3587.JPG    IMG_3588.JPG

Finally, we cast our eyes. Honestly, it’s really a marvelous experience for me although I couldn’t see anything after I got my glasses everyday. But after eyes were casted, the feeling below the foot is more sensitive. At this time, the hard corner and the unexpected corner have become a terrible threat.

I learned that I should do some protective measures in some details. There are many details in our lives to protect disabled people, children and the elderly. I should pay attention to the details from our lives.

23Mar2017 Interior Design

Today, I concluded how to achieve team work as follows:”Experience is the best teacher,” people say. Indeed, the most important, and sometimes the hardest, lessons we learn in life come from our participation in situations. For my part, you can’t learn everything from a book. and only practice makes you a successful person.

To begin with, first-hand experience is important for a child. When we were children, we learned the fundamental lessons of life solely from experience. That is to say, parents teach us by experience such as how to walk steadily, how to cope with the adults, and so on and so forth. Secondly, first-hand experience is also important for an adolescent.

At school, we do not learn everything from books, in that few books can teach us successfully how to meet new people and make more friends. Finally, as we leave adolescence behind and enter adult life, no book can teach us how to fall in love and get married. but experiencing our own triumphs and disasters is really the only way to learn how to live a successful life.To conclude, knowledge gained both from experience and from books have their respective roles to play in our life.

However, in my view, I think the former one is more important.

21Mar2017 Contextual Study

Today I have talked my final theme with my contextual study teacher. We thought about the theme from another point of view.

I thought I should show the contrast between black and white. Because when I was a child I have read a novel which was talking about vampire and angle. The novel protagonist is vampire and angle always want to wipe out all of the vampires. I still remember one words which was spoken by the vampire leader. He said”There must be a shadow if there has light.” Nowadays, there are too many justice films’ protagonists dream to destroy all the evil in the world. But that must be impossible. Like the beginning of all things, God said, “have light” so there is light. Then, it produced a shadow naturally. Light and shadow are interdependent. If shadow is disappeared, the light will not exist any more.

I definite that meaning into “binary opposition”.

So I used to think about how to show two completely things these days.  I have been thinking about many different animals habits and customs these days. I have thought about the owl and lark. They are both birds but work in different times. Owls work in dark so for us is the evening night, for them is the daytime.

Then we released that there is another different colour between black and white. It’s grey. I am thinking of mix grey as the main colour of the unit. Or use colour grey as a transitional colour.

I have learnt that if my mind is limited, I could change another way to think about the problem. Maybe try to mix the two different things together will be better.

20Mar2017 Interior Design

We came back to the class and did some presentations one by one. Most of us introduced what made us focus on and what has inflected us final theme research. Some of us researched the models from museums and some of us researched the building in our trip week.

As for me, I have got some ideas from a model which is from Dali museum.


This model consists of two different independent gypsum models. I think I can also put it upside down and turn into a new reasonable model. It is very similar to my final theme because I would like to show nothing is pure. Consequently, there is no definition about which way is up and which way is down. For the model which is playing the violin, this direction is normal. But for the other model which named Discus throwers, the other direction is normal.

I have learnt to get ideas from an independent model and connect with the information which I would like to get. That means I don’t need always get ideas for buildings and interiors. I can also get some special ideas from many different places, such as Museum, Parks and even the supermarket.

IMG_3554.JPG     IMG_3553.JPG

Our teacher summarised our presentation and she let me release that we should find the details from life. There was one thing I started to release at the first time. There always  have small gap between each piece of stone brick. The reason of why there have gap between stone brick is that thermal expansion and contraction. When it’s winter, the stones will become smaller but when it’s summer, the stones will become bigger. The purpose to leave gap between stone is to keep the stone bricks safety.

After that, when I go back home, I always pay attention to the view which I have seen. I have learnt pay attention to the beauty and details in my life. People always say” Near no scenery.” but if I can find these details from the side, that will make my ability become much better.