2Mar2017 Interior Design

Today we have a small one presentation. Everyone stood on the podium and then introduced his own theme. The main content is to introduce two themes and talk about the purpose of this design. The aim of most people is to improve people’s lives and to raise people’s minds.

In my opinion, the application should be helpful for people lives and turn people lives become better and better. So for my two themes, I tried to explore the most troubled things for myself and the question of most of the people in my mind nowadays.

What I hoped to achieve for this project is reduce students’ pressure and let them to have time for relaxing in the first theme. Because I realized students are giving themselves too much pressure. So I have chosen the theme of surrealism for the first theme. The second theme that I wish to explore for this project is ancient witchcraft culture. The reason of why I chose this theme is that I realized that nowadays more and more movies and cartoons stress the importance of the justice would defeat evil. What I hoped to achieve for this project is there will never has any absolute correct and error. For this project it is my intention to show everything has its opposition but both of them are the same. In another words, I will explore how to let people to realize that the justice isn’t always correct and evil isn’t always bad.

In my opinion, my classmate Christine’s two themes are very interesting. Her first theme is based on the Korean people like to drink the social status of the idea. And her second theme is a personal interest to make up.This shows that how to meet people’s needs is the primary thinking of contemporary designers.


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