6Mar2017 Interior Design

Today we did the presentation for our themes again. And teachers and classmates chose the final theme for every one.

I have been told to choose ancient witchcraft culture as my final theme. what I hoped to achieve for this project is let people realise that there will never have any absolutely correct or error. In another words, Nothing is right and nothing is wrong.

At that moment, my classmate Olivia reminded me about “Victors create our world”.

After her reminded, the winner is the king of the loser for the Kou, and China has always been the history of the last. In the dynasty established by the victor, the defeated party naturally played the role of “kou” in history. Only the victorious people are qualified to write their own merits and foolishness of the losers. Mr. Lu Xun wrote in the 《Wei Jin style and articles and medicine and wine relationship》: Now we look at history, in the history of the record and the argument is sometimes very unreliable. There has a lot of places that can not believe because we usually know that a long era of a little, which must be good. Almost no good people. why? Because the age is long, do the history of the people, of course, respect the characters of the dynasty, the age is short, do the history of the other people, it is very free to denounce its different characters, so in the Qin Dynasty, Almost in the history of the first half of the record did not. Cao Cao who  is the leader of the Wei dynasty is quite short in the history of the age.It is can not escape the people after a bad thing naturally .

So that my first thinking about my first development.


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