9Mar2017 Interior Design

Today, we write the timetable again.

Honestly, I thought it’s really useful to plan our study. But if it took too much time even a whole day to write the timetable, it will be a wasting time. The most important thing is to do our work every day not do the planning again and again.

As for why I have to rewrite the timetable again. The reason is that there are a lot of blurry arrangements in the timeline I have written before. I sorted out what I planned to do and I have learnt from the last project. And then re-planned them. According to the last progress of the situation, I distributed for different things to plan a different time to complete.

For example, Just like the last project, I have plenty of time for concept research. This time, I can go back to China to do something which is different from the research in the UK, no longer just online research but go to field research to do some primary research.

From now on, if I am not expect my progress,  I will arrange the next work by checking my own timetable.


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