14Mar2017 Barcelona

Today, morning we take the subway to Casa-Museo Gaudi. His design is very interesting, especially that I am impressed by his design of the chair. Many of his chairs are made up of many of the same chairs. The color of his house is very rich but not messy, so it looks very gorgeous at first glance.
In the afternoon we went to a museum called “Sunday”. The walls consist of tens of millions of photographs neatly arranged. Color neatly, the content is also classified as extremely uniform.
I have learned that even if some very close to the country or region, there are different people with a particularly unique design, showing the region particularly compelling place. So I think if you can travel around the world, it is best to walk around in the streets. Perhaps in a small alley will be found in the country belongs to the unique charm. The vast majority of the design style of a country depends on the local culture. The quickest way to understand a country’s culture is to integrate it. I hope that the culture I am exposed to will affect my design, making it more perfect.


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