15Mar2017 Barcelona

Today,I went to Dali Museum. I have researched many different paintings, models and sketches to understand what is surrealism and how to show it.

I have minded the most of the interesting models must be seen from the stable place. That means Dali likes to use visual dislocation into his works.

Then I released a fact. There are many beautiful wood chairs by the road. You can find these chairs everywhere. Some of them are benches and some of them are single chairs. That is because the terrain in Spain. So we all know, there are many slopes in the Barcelona. Despite Barcelona has many subway stations, but the distance between each subway station is very long. The location of the building is complicated. Buses and taxis are also rare. In the other hand, Barcelona seldom rains or snow. It has a mild climate, so most people like to rest outdoors. So according to the local situation, the designers placed some public chair for pedestrians to rest in the public. As the same as to service for the professional. I am very touching by this kind of care from the designers .

I have learnt how to help people and turn them lives into better. Just like Barcelona, people have to walk so many roads so designers designed many leisurely style chairs for people.


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