20Mar2017 Interior Design

We came back to the class and did some presentations one by one. Most of us introduced what made us focus on and what has inflected us final theme research. Some of us researched the models from museums and some of us researched the building in our trip week.

As for me, I have got some ideas from a model which is from Dali museum.


This model consists of two different independent gypsum models. I think I can also put it upside down and turn into a new reasonable model. It is very similar to my final theme because I would like to show nothing is pure. Consequently, there is no definition about which way is up and which way is down. For the model which is playing the violin, this direction is normal. But for the other model which named Discus throwers, the other direction is normal.

I have learnt to get ideas from an independent model and connect with the information which I would like to get. That means I don’t need always get ideas for buildings and interiors. I can also get some special ideas from many different places, such as Museum, Parks and even the supermarket.

IMG_3554.JPG     IMG_3553.JPG

Our teacher summarised our presentation and she let me release that we should find the details from life. There was one thing I started to release at the first time. There always  have small gap between each piece of stone brick. The reason of why there have gap between stone brick is that thermal expansion and contraction. When it’s winter, the stones will become smaller but when it’s summer, the stones will become bigger. The purpose to leave gap between stone is to keep the stone bricks safety.

After that, when I go back home, I always pay attention to the view which I have seen. I have learnt pay attention to the beauty and details in my life. People always say” Near no scenery.” but if I can find these details from the side, that will make my ability become much better.


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