21Mar2017 Contextual Study

Today I have talked my final theme with my contextual study teacher. We thought about the theme from another point of view.

I thought I should show the contrast between black and white. Because when I was a child I have read a novel which was talking about vampire and angle. The novel protagonist is vampire and angle always want to wipe out all of the vampires. I still remember one words which was spoken by the vampire leader. He said”There must be a shadow if there has light.” Nowadays, there are too many justice films’ protagonists dream to destroy all the evil in the world. But that must be impossible. Like the beginning of all things, God said, “have light” so there is light. Then, it produced a shadow naturally. Light and shadow are interdependent. If shadow is disappeared, the light will not exist any more.

I definite that meaning into “binary opposition”.

So I used to think about how to show two completely things these days.  I have been thinking about many different animals habits and customs these days. I have thought about the owl and lark. They are both birds but work in different times. Owls work in dark so for us is the evening night, for them is the daytime.

Then we released that there is another different colour between black and white. It’s grey. I am thinking of mix grey as the main colour of the unit. Or use colour grey as a transitional colour.

I have learnt that if my mind is limited, I could change another way to think about the problem. Maybe try to mix the two different things together will be better.


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