24Mar2017 Interior Design

Today, we used some pieces of foam board and transparent tape to stick our joint in different body places. So we could experience as disable people. IMG_3576.JPG    IMG_3577.JPG

At first, we were manacled movement by ting a leg.

One of the most important things that I released leg disabled people can not curved them leg when they go up stairs. Then I reminded some restaurants in China built too high stairs to get people go up stairs easily. So interior designers couldn’t make the stirs too high. This way can’t save any materials or space.

After that, I sat on the chair with a piece of plastic board sticked on my leg. Honestly, it was really hard to sit down and didn’t kick others. That means the width of the table and the space opposite the toilet and chairs can’t shorter than them legs.

IMG_3585.JPG    IMG_3584.JPG

Then, we restricted our fingers activity.

We did many different texts. The texts showed hand disabled people cannot use knifes or chopsticks. They can only use spoons and forks to eat food. they cannot carry a big bottle of water or big cups. So the cups should be in a thin and long size.

The most important things we have noticed is that the door handles’ shapes. The door handle which can be opened by swinging up and down is more convenient than the door handle which needs to be rotated by holding it. But also more hygienic.

IMG_3587.JPG    IMG_3588.JPG

Finally, we cast our eyes. Honestly, it’s really a marvelous experience for me although I couldn’t see anything after I got my glasses everyday. But after eyes were casted, the feeling below the foot is more sensitive. At this time, the hard corner and the unexpected corner have become a terrible threat.

I learned that I should do some protective measures in some details. There are many details in our lives to protect disabled people, children and the elderly. I should pay attention to the details from our lives.


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