27Mar2017 Interior Design

After one week ‘s study,I learned even much deeper about my major,Interior Design .In the recent years,with the rapid development of the housing industry,the booming of residental industry ,the interior decoration industry has been improved greatly,under the huge situation of high speed improvement in domestic economy,which bring about a big opportunity for many students

Interior design mainly depends on the designing style of the designer.As a proverb says,Every oak must be an acorn;Great oaks from little acrons grow.As a result,it is of great importance to lay a solid foundation.In this case,designers are expected to have a certain level of design capability and basic skills,including clay model making and computer design software application ability.Of course, all of those skills need professional training.But what is most important is the critical ability.Secondly,creativity,for designer is the soul of decoration industry,which directly affects the effect of design work.It is essential for designers to have imagination,creativity prospective as well.,calculated by using the engineering design method and the analogy to the hair, emphasizing the originality of stylist, designing a kaleidoscope of element line picture, emerging in endlessly. Of course, I also think it is needed for designers to have a certain art language, to further improve the aesthetic view of design scheme. So we are supposed to study hard to obtain good interior design professional knowledge, and know that different design style will produce what kind of effect, such as mechanical design will be what kind of effect, geometry design will have what kind of effect? Influence has been involved, so we are going to have a heart of empty cup.The involved knowledge achieve mastery through a comprehensive use, and it is not going to use freely.

And on the other hand,it is to emphasize the market consciousness.The designers must make a lot of production and market considerations,aming to customers design style, such as customer personal style, cultural background, climate environmental considerations. The last point is to emphasize the responsibilities, designesr and customer negotiations, field exploration,to learn as much as possible to the customers career,which are been fond of. Using function and the pursuit of style are valued sa well.

I have benefited a lot from this weeks professional learning. I have learned to improve their professional knowledge, do some more model design, improve their ability, and emphasizes the unity of.And finally I believe that the accumulation of quantitative change, will reach the qualitative change of the breakthrough. I have ever seen a great book,and it analysis what it means.This implies the quantitative change both to have the necessity regarding the qualitative change, and has the inevitability, does not have the quantitative change not to have the qualitative change. On the other hand, the qualitative change transforms to the quantitative change, the qualitative change not only may complete the quantitative change, manifests with the consolidated quantitative change achievement, moreover may pave the way for the new quantitative change. This illustrates the qualitative change both to have the inevitability regarding the quantitative change, and has the necessity, moreover only then the qualitative change only then has the new thing production and the world development. As a result of this, acknowledges the qualitative change, is differentiates one of the diagnostic method and metaphysics two kind of development concept important symbols. The diagnostic method development concept both and only acknowledges the qualitative change, the denial quantitative change ” the cataclysm theory ” differently.


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