30Mar2017 Interior Design

Well, today I started to  think about what title for my essay.

I listed some key words on a piece of paper.

At first, I reminded “morality” because my main statement is nothing is right and nothing is wrong. Obversely, I think a lot of things which are opposing with each other. But what makes things right or wrong? I have researched about it. From my research, I realised that as we have gathered by now, morality is the sort of thing that isn’t testable by science. There is no scientific instrument that measure moral rightness and wrongness. The philosophy of morality is not so much about which ones are wrong, as it is about what makes actions right or wrong.

However, this main statement is too nearly philosophy to connect with the ancient witchcraft culture.

secondly, I reminded “grey” because grey is mixed with black and white. As we all know, even every country has its own grey zone. Grey one means that an intermediate area between two opposing positions; a situation, subject, etc., not clearly or easily defined, or not covered by an existing category or set of rules. We always define the grey zone of a quantitative test as an area of values where the discriminatory performance is ‘insufficient’, in the sense that a value in the grey zone does not allow the target disease to be scored as either present or absent.

However, this main statement is too obstructive to show to people.

Finally, I reminded “binary-opposition” because research something which are opposing with each other is exactly what I would like to do. A binary opposition (also binary system) is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning. Binary opposition is the system by which, in language and thought, two theoretical opposites are strictly defined and set off against one another.

I thought this is really connect with my final theme so I decided the binary opposition as my main statement for my essay.



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