Easter Holiday 1⃣️

During this easter holiday, I went back to my hometown China. Cause I had to pull out two wisdom tooth, I visited many different hospital in China.

I realised that no matter which country or what culture is, people’s nature has no difference. Because all of my parents and my uncle, aunt are doctors, I touched some truth that people didn’t face to face. In another word, humans are avoiding to face this truth.

No matter how developed science and technology, people are helpless before they die. Fear makes people feel confused, sad to make people feel uncomfortable, angry is the best for them. In the face of their loved death, they knew the doctor had done his best. But they still get angry and even blame the doctor why not save their own family. Some of them found a “medical trouble” to make noise in the hospital. For these families, the doctor at the moment is so evil. But as a doctor,  they should also think that these families are wrong after they see their own efforts to treat the families of patients so hate themselves.

At the beginning of all things,  people have no power to control their own life and death. So people are afraid of death, so people fantasize out of the various gods. These gods are collected as stories, that is religion. Whether it is the emotions of the Olympus God, or the Purdue beings of the Buddha, both of them show that it’s self-comfort about the right and wrong in people’s mind.

I decided to design a different hospital room. Because the theme is really drama, children will be quicker than adults to accept it. So it should be a children hospital room.

Then I thought a lot about concept research. At first, I thought of “pills” as my concept. Because drugs such things can be seen everywhere in the hospital and it is a mention will bring people think of the disease. Pills are invented by humans to resist disease, but in the wounded virus at the same time, the ingredients in the pill will kill the beneficial red blood cells. Because the drug can not tell who is wrong? On the other hand, the history of the pill is a bit short. I can not extract a lot of information from a pill.

So I opened up my mind and tried to think about the second concept. According to my good friend’s tips, I chose “germ” as my second concept. Germ is still being evil or right as a ubiquitous creature. We all know that most of the germ will hurt the body’s immune system, so that people suffer from different diseases. But there are also some of the excellent germ will enhance the body’s immune system and promote metabolism, this germ is probiotics.



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