20Apr2017 Interior Design

Today I sorted out the things which I collect from different hospitals.

Generally, the entrance of the Chinese hospital will have a reception. Not far from the main entrance, there will be a place where is to take medicine. Behind the reception there will be a disinfection room where can be carried out some emergency disinfection.

The most important thing is in the ward. Because I researched adult ophthalmology inpatient department, so a lot of things may not be suitable for children. In those wards, there are usually 3-4 patients and 5-6 families in. Family members and patients sitting together on the bed. The space is very crowded. While the senior level of the ward only 1-2 patients. Nowadays, the ordinary ward will be equipped with a bathroom, which can reduce the number of patients walking around in the corridor in case of physical inconvenience. There are also a TV in the room.

now the bed is mixed with bed and table. So that patients can be afforded to eat without getting up. Moreover, the ward also specifically for the patient’s family to be provided a table. It is usually folded in the bed. If they want to use it, bracket it up will be just fine.IMG_4140.JPG


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