24Apr2017 Interior Design

I wrote a questionnaire and then handed it to the classmates and the job doctor, and I got two almost completely different responses. I interviewed six in-service doctors and six accompanying nurses, respectively. Among them, there are dentists, ophthalmologists, biology research doctors and military doctors. These are the replies from serving doctors.

During the hospital during the full range of health education children after admission to their families and their safety education, such as the order of children do not stand on the stool, lying on the window side, jumping in bed; diet appropriate, not overeating and do not eat garbage Food, etc., family members to guard the responsibility to help children’s daily life, the correct use of bedside pager. In order to improve the awareness of children’s safety precautions, the department according to the characteristics of patients, made the relevant pictures, hanging in the ward eye-catching place, always remind children to pay attention to safety, nurses during hospitalization, should be full health education, nursing Safety education runs through.

Bed features: configuration of handrails, the use of guardrail, if necessary, the application of the binding band; bedside call bell, making the production of pictures, hanging in the ward eye-catching place, always remind children to pay attention to safety, on the plane safety knowledge The kind of

To ensure the safety of children; and hanging in the bedside anti-fall card to arouse the warning. Protection facilities are complete, such as the bathroom placed within the anti-skid pads; ward and indoor slippery floor; corridor and bathroom with internal handrails; inside and outside the ward to place the lights, keep the light; corridor wet water warning signs; bedside bed File, to prevent falling bed.

On the questionnaire answer: because of falls injury, fracture, fracture treatment must be absolutely quiet, static, can not move, should use children’s bed, should not use adult bed, should not put toys, let the children quietly hurt, do not 24 Hour escort, bedside call bell.

However, my classmates gave me the feedback is like a mobile single bed and a lot of fantastic ideas. I learned from this If you want to seriously understand a field, be sure to interview people familiar with the field. Take for granted the idea will only be useless.


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