12May2017 Interior Design

“Excellent works of designers started in learning and action to have progress .”This sentence alerts me all the time . A proficient designer is always good at the accepts of software operation and unique design . I know there is a great distance for me , so I will start from every little thing . I will accumulate experience and hope that I return these experience to society early .During the period of learning , I learned to draw and sketchup software modeling . Besides, I also knew about that we need to keep patience and perseverance when we do something . Next , I will share some learning experience with everybody . I hope everyone learn from each other and make progress together .

Before most people used 3dsMax to conduct their interior design , but it has many disadvantages . Firstly , it has a low efficiency .Especially in the aspect of the design , 3dsMax is difficult to meet the design requirements of clients—-“what you see is what you get ’’. The traditional hand drawing isn’t good enough , but 3dsMax’s speed and efficiency problem are throughout headache . Whether in which modeling way , 3dsMax is at a disadvantage .

But Sketchup can solve all the problems above . Sketchup’s advantages lie in efficiency . It has a very simple logical modeling . It realizes the two-dimensional graph into three-dimensional graph . First of all , it uses the few basic polygon , and its editing commands are also far less than 3dsMax . The most important thing is that it has the most simple logic in the historical rivers . These two commands “split” and “pull” undoubtedly make it has more advantages . These advantages of its make our interior design work become more simple and efficient . At the same time, it also takes new challenges to my work .


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