1May2017 interior Design

After the guidance under the tutor, I converted the idea.

I started looking for interesting designs in different areas.

For example, a Japanese restaurant chain called Alice in the wonderful land. The designer will Alice in Wonderland in the classic elements extracted. For example, books, cups, and sometimes become smaller and sometimes smaller storyline. The designer designed the book out of the walls, sliding doors and front desk, and turned the cups into a small box for people to eat. Thus forming a unique dream of the general cafe. So that customers seem to be in the fairy tale world. These fun is what I lack and desire.

I learned that if in a class of indoor can not find a similar design, it may wish to change a direction to find. Such as children can not find a child full of children’s play, then look for a fun and looking for fun restaurants. No matter where you get new ideas, can help me to open mind and out of thinking.


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