5May2017 Interior Design


The first is the indoor light. Children’s hospital lobby lighting is generally color, but the ward is best to reduce the use of colored lights. One of the most important reasons is that it will affect the doctor’s judgment of the patient’s wounds. So my research told me that the indoor can be placed a small amount of warm yellow light, but the main headlamps or to place a white light.

Then I interviewed the different mothers. They told me that when they chose furniture or wallpaper for their children, they would first choose blue or yellow furniture. The main reason is that these two cool colours will let the active child calm down, and quietly rest in the house quietly. Second, the blue has a certain degree of help the child out of imagination to help. Such as the ocean and the sky. A small number of parents will choose pink for girls to decorate the room, but still a few.

In the two elements of the research process, I not only visited a lot of hospitals, but also interviewed a lot of mothers. For me it was a never-before experience. I learned to ask the elders around me. Because there are some theorem is handed down thousands of years down. Sure it has its truth. I also learnt about how to understand the wisdom of older people and apply it.

And on the furniture and texture parts, I chose to search for information and pictures online. Since I decided that zen as style, so long must be fully understood it. I realized that in Japanese, Zen refers to meditation. In interior design, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. Although Zen interior design is not a proper design style and does not come with strict rules, it is often associated with Minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. It is more a way of arranging a home and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of daily routine.

Finally on space and form. In order to save space, I chose to design bed for wall for parents. And then for the children to get plenty and enough of space to rest.


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